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Engine Yard Engine Yard provides automation technologies and services for Ruby on Rails, including Engine Yard Cloud, an application services platform for web developers and web teams. It provides easy-to-use, automated Rails application deployment and management, with a design philosophy that allows easy migration of existing applications. Engine Yard employs top industry experts and sponsors or contributes to many Open Source projects and efforts such as Ruby on Rails, JRuby and Rubinius. Visit,

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Blue Box Group is a premier Rails hosting provider with managed hosting and flexible cloud, dedicated, and hybrid solutions. Our experts bring top-tier operations and configuration support during deploys, migrations, and maintenance, allowing you to focus on writing great code. We're committed to providing the best possible infrastructure for your application, period.

We've worked in the Rails community since 2006 and are devoted to maintaining close relationships with our partners. Since the beginning, we've stuck to our roots: we're the backend systems experts to compliment your team.

We combine our proprietary cloud operating system with dedicated high performance database servers to maximize performance and scalability. There's no need to re-architect applications to work around the limitations of a platform.

With full SSH and root access, you can pick your application stack, or work with our engineering team to implement our recommendation. The important part is that the choice is yours.

You can get started with a single server for a staging site, or a work with us to build a custom cluster for your production environment right off the bat.

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Efficiency 2.0

Efficiency 2.0 is a leading energy efficiency software and program administration company that helps utilities meet ambitious energy efficiency goals by increasing customer engagement. We leverage behavioral psychology and consumer marketing best practices through our Personal Energy Efficiency Rewards (PEER) program to deliver efficiency and customer engagement benefits for our utility partners.

Pivotal Labs

Pivotal Labs s a recognized leader in agile, rails, and mobile development. We've been building high reliability systems for clients for over 20 years, and our Rails practice has delivered more than 100 client products since its launch less than five years ago. Long a leader in the Agile development world, we've been applying agile techniques to accelerate development, reduce risk, and increase responsiveness to market trends for startups and enterprises alike. And Pivotal doesn't just deliver a great product, we also equip our clients to execute on their own, giving them the tools and techniques they need to continue to excel.

Our Jolt award winning project management tool, Pivotal Tracker, has become the industry standard in the Rails development world, and we invite you to use it, if you're not already.

We're always looking for brilliant Rails developers to join our talented team in San Francisco, New York, and Boulder campuses. If you want to share your knowledge while learning from others, work sustainably, and work on some serious projects, come work for us or with us! Apply now:

We're excited to again sponsor GoRuCo New York. We look forward to all the great stuff that will come out of it.


Heroku (pronounced her-OH-koo) is a cloud application platform for Ruby – a new way of building and deploying web apps. Developers can put 100% focus on code, not servers, deployment, operations or scaling. We're passionate and active supporters of Ruby technologies and cloud architecture. Tens of thousands of developers have deployed hundreds of thousands of apps to Heroku.