Build it and they will come (Rubinius Edition)

04 Jun 2011
Steve Berry

Evan Phoenix

Pair Speaking - Using Your Database

04 Jun 2011
Steve Berry

CoffeeScript for the Well-Rounded Rubyis

04 Jun 2011
Steve Berry

Jeremy Ashkenas

HysteriaEngine - Ruby Does Violence in the Name of Science

04 Jun 2011
Steve Berry

Casey Rosenthal

Indexing Thousands of Writes Per Second With Redis

04 Jun 2011
Steve Berry

Paul Dix

Think more about the messages and less about the classes.

04 Jun 2011
Steve Berry


Conference Underway!

04 Jun 2011
Steve Berry


We are underway with a great turnout!

Last-minute deployment

02 Jun 2011
Josh Knowles

As the saying goes, GoRuCo is what happens while you’re making plans. Jeff Casimir and his wife were blessed yesterday with the early birth of their child. Unfortunately, their gain is GoRuCo’s loss, as Jeff will be unable to make it to speak at the conference tomorrow.

Our good friend Paul Dix has offered to fill in with his talk Indexing Thousands of Writes per Second with Rails. Be sure not to miss it–the Thundergod never disappoints.

Sunday BBQ

01 Jun 2011
Josh Knowles

Brooklyn Bridge

Sunday afternoon Efficiency 2.0 is hosting a post-GoRuCo barbecue on their office roof overlooking the Brooklyn bridge in Manhattan. Food will be provided - both meatful and meatless - along with beer and the company of your fellow Rubyists.

This event is open to all, so please do pass along the invite.


  • Sunday, June 5th, 12pm - 4pm
  • Efficiency 2.0
  • 165 William St, Floor 10
  • 646-478-8509

A Boat. We're On it.

01 Jun 2011
Josh Knowles

Boat Party

After the conference, you and a guest are invited to join us on a 3 hour cruise around Manhattan. Drinks and dinner will be provided. Bring a jacket, it gets cold on the open sea.

Please find our boat docked at:

  • World Financial Center Pier 199 Vesey Street
  • 7:30 PM - Boarding
  • 8:00 PM - Set sail
  • 11:00 PM - Back on dry land

Pre-Party Friday Night

01 Jun 2011
Josh Knowles

Pivotal Party

Friday evening Pivotal Labs will be hosting a party, Pre-GoRuCo, for attendees and friends in the community. Stop by to mingle with your fellow Rubyists, grab some snacks and enjoy some drinks… alcoholic and none.

If you are interested in attending please RSVP on our EventBrite page to give us an idea of who and how many we should expect.

Please Feel free to pass around this invite to friends in the Ruby community.


Sold Out!

02 May 2011
Jesse Chan-Norris

Holy cow, that was fast! GoRuCo tickets sold out in just 4 short days. We hope you got your tickets in time, but if you didn't manage to grab a seat, keep your eye on this site or on our twitter for information about getting in via one of our sponsorhip opportunities. We're looking forward to seeing you in June!

Tickets Now On Sale

29 Apr 2011
Jesse Chan-Norris

We are pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for this year’s GoRuCo. Schedule and full talk descriptions are coming soon, but you can grab your tickets now before they sell out. Buy your tickets now!

Call For Proposals Closed

18 Apr 2011
Francis Hwang

Our Call for Proposals is now closed. We will be reviewing all submissions and announcing our results within the next few weeks. Watch this space or follow us on Twitter for further updates.

Call For Proposals

04 Apr 2011
Josh Knowles

Call for Proposals

The Gotham Ruby Conference, a one-day, single-track event in New York City, is now accepting proposal papers. GoRuCo will be held on Saturday, June 4th 2011 on the Manhattan campus of Pace University.

GoRuCo is a technical conference aimed at highly motivated programmers interested in all things Ruby. You’ll spend the day among leading Rubyists, innovators and developers in New York City, home of Silicon Alley. Past topics have ranged from pragmatic new approaches to design and testing, to pioneering language application and far-reaching abstractions.

We will have around six slots, depending on the quantity and quality of the proposals we receive.


The majority of the day's content will be individual talks. Talks should be at most 40 minutes long, including time for questions and discussion.

Speakers receive

  • Free admission
  • $300 honorarium
  • $600 travel reimbursement if you live outside of the tri-state region

Local speakers

GoRuCo believes in highlighting local talent. We reserve at least two slots for local speakers. Individual talks will be considered local if at least half of the speakers are from the tri-state region-that is, within typical commuting distance of Manhattan. In the past, these slots have been less competitive than the other talk slots, so if you live in the tri-state region we strongly urge you to submit a proposal.


A good proposal for your talk will include:

  • Concise explanation or outline of your talk
  • Short biographical statement about you and your involvement in the Ruby community
  • Your city and state of residence


All proposals must specify exactly who will be presenting. For example, we will not accept proposals from companies unless they specify who will be presenting on behalf of the company. Presentations may be given by more than one person, but multiple speakers will split the honorarium and travel reimbursement.


We will be videotaping all the talks, and making this video freely available online under a Creative Commons license. You should be okay with this if you are submitting a talk.